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17 proven strategies to building a better blog

blog traffic

In this post we are sharing one of our most popular slide decks published on SlideShare. It’s advice from the gurus that is not only really smart, it’s actionable. PRO TIP: Once you scan through these, go back and choose just one to work on this month. For example, you might want to put more…

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Build blog traffic while you sleep: The SOS Solution

Build blog traffic while you sleep - The SOS solution

Your blog is valuable and you’ve worked hard to publish great information that carefully targets your prime markets. The challenge is to build blog traffic – you need more readers. You can hire a VA in the Philippines or India – but now you have the job of recruiting, training and managing someone new. You…

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How to promote your blog and get more traffic

Behind the scenes at SOS (and a surprise) I have a confession to make. We’ve been quiet about SOS. Too quiet. You see, two years ago I had this idea I could take what I’d learned about blog promotion and getting more blog traffic and give it to other bloggers. That was the birth of…

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Make your blog sticky with embedded media

Embedded media can make your blog sticky

I’m sure you’ve done this. The blog headline grabbed you – you clicked through. And then – despite your best high-school effort – you clicked away after only 3 paragraphs. Bummer, that blogger just lost you. That’s where embedded media can help. Sure, it’s eye candy and it’s not really the bright, insightful content we…

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Five quick and dirty steps to writing a top headline

Write a top headline: 5 quick and dirty steps

I am going to do something not possible: write a blog about writing the perfect headline in less than 1,000 words. You see, like writing a book, painting a picture and redecorating your bathroom – there is no one way of doing it. And hundreds of blog posts have already covered this topic – all…

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Google Analytics for non-analytical people

Google Analytics Basics

For a long time I resisted Google Analytics. Just the word “analytics” conjured up images of unwashed twenty-somethings ogling Excel spreadsheets while sipping Red Bull and mumbling about decimal points of Pi. No thanks. It was only when I realized that without Google Analytics (GA) I didn’t know a damn thing about my blog I…

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How to know if Google Analytics is installed on your blog

Let’s get one thing clear about Google Analytics – it’s not an option, or nice-to-do thing, like opening the door for grandmothers. If you’re serious about your blog you must track just a few basic results in Google Analytics. There, I’ve said it. And to do that, you must first make sure that Google Analytics…

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