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3 Reasons to Measure Your Blog’s Success (And How)

Do you know why video games are so addicting? Because they set clear goals, and always tell you whether you’re moving towards them or not. Goals and measurement are two crucial elements to success in games, business, and life in general. Without measurement, you’ll never understand where you’re at or what needs to be done to…

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How to Use Hashtags to Get 15% More Shares

Social Media Hashtags

Before you hover over the “Publish” button after completing a blog post, ask yourself: “Did I target the right keywords? Did I correct my grammatical errors and spelling mistakes? Did I remember to use hashtags in my social media posts and tweets to boost my social engagement?” Today, we’re going to talk about how to…

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How to Use Your Social Media Analytics: LinkedIn & Google+

Social Media analytics pt. 2: LinkedIn and Google+

Wondering how to use your social media analytics? In our last post, we covered how to use Facebook and Twitter’s analytics dashboards – as well as what to do with that data. This time, we’ll be covering the lesser (but still important) beasts… LinkedIn and Google+. But first – why should you even care? Why…

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How to Use Your Social Media Analytics

How to Use Your Social Media Analytics

With the release of Facebook’s powerful new analytics update, we’re inspired to share some social media analytics advice. Social media analytics and insights are the keys to understanding your audience, receiving more engagement, and driving more traffic to your site. If you don’t yet have a grasp on analytics, don’t worry – that’s what this…

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5 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers

How to get more social media followers

Some people are getting tens of thousands of website visitors from social media. How do they do it? Voodoo magic? Blackmail? Divine intervention? No, no, and no. That site traffic comes from having a lot of highly-engaged social media followers. But if you’ve tried getting followers before, you understand that sometimes it’s like pulling teeth.…

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5 Tips to Increase Engagement With Your Social Followers

5 Tips to Increase Engagement with Your Social Followers

You know what sucks? Spending hours on social media trying to get people to engage with you… only to hear crickets. Social media is easily one of the best distribution channels for your site. But if you treat it as nothing more than a distribution channel, you’ll be left wanting more. But it’s possible to…

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How to Ensure Your Posts Look AMAZING On Social Media

How to control the social share image of your blog posts

You just spent five hours writing an epic blog post and you’re feeling pretty proud of yourself. It’s time to share your masterpiece with the world. You share it on social media and await your praise. In anticipation of your glowing feedback, you check your recent social posts and find that the wrong social share…

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Facebook Page vs Profile: Everything You Need To Know

Facebook Page vs Profile

It’s a no-brainer: Having a Facebook presence is a must. But it’s important to understand a Facebook page vs profile in order to get the most out of this important social channel. Although most business owners are aware of the major benefits of having a Facebook page, this social behemoth is still fairly new (related…

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How to Find Writers For Your Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to find writers for your blog

Did you know that 73% of consumers prefer to get their information in the form of articles? Creating blog articles for your site, whether you’re a lawyer, baker, or online business, is the easiest and most effective way to get more traffic and sales on your website. But writing consistently is hard. It takes a…

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You haven’t published in a month… now what?

You Haven't Published Online In a While... Now What?

Remember those deadlines that you set for yourself? You were going to get your work done by this day and have it up on your website no later than that day. You made a promise not only to yourself but your active readers, too. Only, it’s been awhile since you’ve published an article (or anything,…

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